Wednesday, June 10, 2009

7 1/2 lifelong learning lessons

The easiest lesson is to play. Like a lot of people these days I spend probably too much time at home on my computer with my pup, Edina at my feet checking out my favorite blogs (thanks Jonathan and Erica for introducing me to kickette and Alan for dirtytackle). I've also been updating my flickr site with photos and playing my favorite online games--Cubis 2 and Triclops. My non-computer-related hobby is making my own jewelry and going to The Bead Fetish as often as I can. Playing--I'm great at that!

The hardest lesson is beginning with an end in mind. I don't often finish things (except my SPL work, of course), so I never really spend much time contemplating "the end." For example, I have a rug I started hooking in 1977 and it's still in my mom's closet, unfinished, in Flint, Michigan. I promise to do everything I can to complete 27 things, but don't be surprised if I'm still working on it when I retire in 2029.

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